Adam's career began at the bottom, a place he quickly decided was not for him. He started as a tv commercial production assistant in New York City, which also happens to be his hometown. Motivated by a passion for production and the need to move out of his father’s apartment, Adam worked his way up to producing for some of advertising’s most creative and successful directors. 

Restless in commercials, Adam sought more creative freedom by writing, producing, directing and editing industrials for giants FedEx, Xerox, IBM, Merck, American Airlines and many others. Creating role playing scenarios generously layered with humor, Adam turned hundreds of hours of potentially mind numbing content into effective and award winning corporate programming.

Growing weary of neckties and cubicles Adam set his sights on television and created “The Norton Project”, a 30 minute short, as his sample. Encouraged by awards from the Chicago Film Festival, The International Film and TV Festival of NY and the CINE Competition,  Adam left the corporate world and headed to Los Angeles. Within a year “The Norton Project” attracted the interest of Nickelodeon, which launched the director’s career.

Hardly believing his good fortune to be a working director soon became the reality of being a working director. Adam, his wife, two babies and a couple of beagles relocated to Montreal, a city flush with American production.

For three years Adam directed everything from half hour single camera comedies to one hour dramas to long form sci-fi and everything in between. After an additional two years in the Vancouver production community Adam and his family were granted citizenship and now enjoy dual US/Canadian status.

To date, Adam has directed over 300 hours of television for both the US and Canadian broadcast networks including ABC, ABC Family, Amazon, CBC, CityTV, Discovery, The Disney Channel, Disney XD, Family Channel, Fox, Global, Granada, Hallmark, Hulu, MTV, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Nick at Nite, The Movie Network, The Syfy channel, Showcase and YTV.

Adam finds writing in the third person a little weird and prefers to live in the present, which he does in Los Angeles.

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